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Madden, Lawrence are Most Accurate Drivers on May 23; Most Flight Races Tight after Two Weeks

The standings in five of the six flights are close after the first two weeks of league play, with the flight leader ahead by 2 points or less.  The exception is Flight D, where Jen Abbott is out to a 2½ point lead, but it's still very early in the season!  In our league, it really hurts you if you miss a week of league play without turning in a golf-out score, so be sure to golf out during those weeks that you can't make it on Monday for league play.  You can also bank golf-out scores in advance if you know that you'll have to miss on a particular league day.

The special event for the week was most tee shots in the fairway, and Karen Madden and Paula Lawrence did as well as a player can do, hitting 7 out of 7 fairways in their rounds.  Karen takes the top prize by virtue of the handicap tie-breaker, and Paula is runner-up for the event.  Charlene Osborne took 3rd place by hitting 6 of 7 fairways, and Michelle Piccirilli took 4th place via the handicap tie-breaker among the 8 league members who hit 5 of 7 fairways in their round.  Use the links at the top or right-hand side of the page to see all the results from Week # 2 of league play.

This coming Monday is Memorial Day, and it will be a normal league play day for us.  Tam O'Shanter has arranged for us to pay the regular weekday rate if we start our round after noon, so make your plans to celebrate the holiday on the links!  If you can't make it that day to play, you can use a golf-out score that you have in the bank or one that you turn in later in the week.


Season Opens on a Day of Mixed Weather; Schwanbeck wins Fewest Putts Event

It was weird weather on May 16 for the opening round of play in the Thelma's Golf Nook League for 2022 – kind of gloomy and rainy to start, then it cleared up and was nice.  In the special event of the week, Janice Schwanbeck won the handicap tiebreaker among the three players who only used 15 putts for their rounds to take the top spot.  Bob Noble and Dean Osborne also had 15 putts in their rounds, and they tied for 2nd place since they have the same first week handicap; they will split the combined winnings for 2nd and 3rd place.  Fourth place in the special event went to Gary Rice, with 16 total putts; this year, 4th place in the special event wins a Thelma's Golf Nook Poker Chip Ball Marker.  You can view the gross scores, net skins, special event results, Eagle's Club and Hole-of-the-Week Club information and season-long statistical summary by using the links at the top and/or right-side of the league home page.

We will calculate new handicaps after each week of league play, so you can see what your handicap will be for next week by clicking on the "Handicaps for Week 2" link in the right-hand column of the league home page.

The flight standings aren't finalized until all league members have a chance to turn in a golf-out score for the week.  If you play a round on the same nine as we played that week (week 1 was on the front nine) you can turn in a score for the week as long as you do it by Sunday night of the week you missed.  You can also turn in scores in advance to be put in the golf-out bank if you know you'll be missing a week in the future.  Just leave your scorecard with the staff at the front desk at Tam O'Shanter.


Ready for the Start of the Season on Monday, May 16

The 2022 Thelma's Golf Nook season gets underway this Monday, May 16.  Check the "Flights for First Half" and "Handicaps for Week 1" links in the right-hand column of this page to see what your starting handicap and flight will be.  All players will be placed in a flight with players of comparable handicaps.   We will adjust handicaps each week based on the previous week's score, but you will stay in the same flight for the entire first half of the season.

The weather forecast looks pretty good for Monday, so hopefully we'll have a big turnout of players for the first week of league play.  Good luck to one and all, and let's get off to a great start this year!


Second Practice Round Scheduled for May 9

Hopefully the weather will allow many league members will tee it up this week at Tam O'Shanter.  Please turn in your scorecard so we can calculate handicaps for the start of the season.  If you know of anyone who's thinking of joining the league this year, please encourage them to play practice rounds so they will have a handicap for the first weeks of league play.

We're including a new season-long optional competition in the league this year called the Hole-of-the-Week Club.  If you want to play, it's only $18 for the whole season (that's just $1 a week).  Each week, one of the holes in your nine will be designated as the Hole of the Week, and we'll record your net score on that hole (after handicap strokes are deducted) in the book.  At the end of the season, the players with the lowest total for the Holes of the Week will split the pot!  How many places we pay out will be based on how many people participate.  Here are the holes of the week for each week:

May 16:   Hole # 1 June 27:   Hole # 4 Aug 8:   Hole # 7
May 23:   Hole # 10 July 4:   Hole # 13 Aug 15:   Hole # 16
May 30:   Hole # 2 July 11:   Hole # 5 Aug 22:   Hole # 8
June 6:   Hole # 11 July 18:   Hole # 14 Aug 29:   Hole # 17
June 13:   Hole # 3 July 25:   Hole # 6 Sept 5:   Hole # 9
June 20:   Hole # 12 Aug 1:   Hole # 15 Sept 12:   Hole # 18

Since we're using net scores, everyone has a good chance to win this, especially higher handicap players.  Why not give it a shot this year and join the fun?!?

If you've paid your league dues already, thank you! Don't forget that league dues must be paid by May 30.


First Practice Round is Tomorrow!

We will have two practice rounds for the golf league before actual competition starts this year. This gives everyone a chance to turn in some scores to establish a start-of-season handicap, and to get back into the swing of things.  If you play practice rounds, your handicap for the start of the season will be determined half from your handicap at the end of last year + 2, and half from the practice rounds you play.  Our first practice round is coming up tomorrow — Monday, May 2.  Plan to play, turn in your scorecard, and reconnect with your friends in the golf league (or since the weather looks a little iffy, turn in a golf-out score if you play later in the week when the weather is a little nicer).

If you are new to the league this year, please plan to play and establish some scores for your handicap at the start of the year.  If you can't play on Mondays the next two weeks, please golf out, and make sure you have a front-nine and a back-nine score if possible.  See you at the course!


Welcome to our League Web Site!

You've arrived at the web home of the Shenango Valley's fun golf league!  We're looking for new members, and would be happy if you would join us for the exciting 2022 season.  We play on Mondays at Tam O'Shanter Golf Course, and the league is open to men and women golfers of all levels of ability.  We play individual matches within flights, with weekly gross and net skins games and a different fun event each week in addition to league match play.  Click on THIS LINK for details on league rules, dues and activities.