Important Note:  Special Changes for 2020 due to delay in season start because of COVID-19 (as of April 28, 2020)

    Length of Season:

      Since golf courses in PA were closed until May 1, we were unable to begin the season when we normally would.  Two practice rounds will be held on the first two Mondays in May and the season will start on May 18.  This means the season will be only 16 weeks in 2020, divided into two 8-week halves.

    No Weekly Prizes for Special Events / Fun Games:

      Due to financial difficulties affecting small businesses in our area, we may not be able to arrange for a title sponsor for our league this year.  If that is the case, it means that we won't be able to have gift certificate prizes for the Fun Games / Special Events that we have had for the past 10 years or so.  We'll have some fun games during the season just to see who would have won the contest (with no prizes given out), startng after the season has been underway for a couple of weeks.  If we are able to arrange for a title sponsor payment for the season (even if it is a reduced amount from our normal cost of sponsorship), we will consider awarding prizes to Fun Game top-finishers from previous weeks of the season.

    No League-Organized Skins Games for the 2020 season:

      Because of the danger of handling cash that may be contaminated, there will be no Skins Game collection of money each week in a box on the Tam O'Shanter front counter.  If league members wish to have a Skins Game competition amongst themselves, they are free to organize such a game, collect the money themselves, etc. 

    Government-mandated Social Distancing Practices must be observed at all times at the course:

      Tam O'Shanter will be required to implement various operational practices that are designed to keep people safe, such as maintaining a 6-foot distance from all other people on the course at all times, no touching of the flagstick at any time, no congregating in the parking lot or in the clubhouse before or after your round, etc.  Courses found to be in violation of these regulations will be forced to close, so all league members must abide by the rules to ensure that the course can remain open for play.

General League Information:

    Where and When:

      Tam O'Shanter Golf Course, Monday afternoons/evenings, 4:00 — 6:00 pm
        Greens Fees:  $12 walking, additional $5 for riding cart

    Important Dates for the Season:

      Practice Rounds:  May 4 and May 11
                — new players must play both to establish a handicap.
      First Week of League Play:  May 18
      Memorial Day:  May 25 — we'll play this day or you can turn in a golf-out for the week
      Mid-Season Outing:  Sunday, June 28 — Tam O'Shanter Golf Course (details to come...)
      Last Week of First Half:  July 6
      First Week of Second Half:  July 13
      Last Week of Season:  August 31
      End-Of-Season League Outing:  Sunday, September 20 — Knoll Run Golf Course – details to be announced later this summer.

League Rules of Play:

    Tees Used for League Rounds:

      Ladies age 61 and younger play all holes from the Red tee markers.  Ladies age 62 and older play from the Junior tee markers on holes 3, 5, 7, 12, 13 and 17 and from the Red tee markers on all other holes.  Men age 61 and younger play from the White tee markers.  Men age 62 and older play from the Yellow tee markers.

    Maximum Score per Hole:

      Maximum score on any hole is 3 TIMES PAR.  Pick up after this many strokes on a hole.  You can take an X on any hole without losing your matches, because that's just one hole, and under Match Play you can still win a match with X's on holes.

    Warm-up Tee Shot on First Hole of Round:

      On your FIRST hole of your round (ONLY on the first hole!), you may play two shots from the tee and choose the better of the two balls.  From that point on, you must play each shot from where it ends up.  You cannot "save" the "mulligan" to be used anywhere on the course — it only applies to the first shot of the round.  If you like your first tee ball, you don't have to hit a second one.

    Touching the Ball in Play (adjusting your lie):

      NO FLUFFING OR SETTING UP the ball in the rough or around the green is permitted!  You may improve your lie in your OWN FAIRWAY ONLY!  A violation of this rule will result in a score of X on the hole where the violation occurs.  In other words, we play Winter Rules in our own fairway.

    Gimmie Putts:

      All putts should be holed out.  To speed play, if a ball ends up "within the leather" (8 inches or less from the hole), the putt may be given to the player if all the other players in the group agree.  But no gimmies that are longer than 8 inches!  It's not fair to the rest of the league.

    Death Valley Rule:

      In order to speed up play, if you hit into Death Valley TWICE from the tee, you MUST pick up your ball and take it to the green, placing it on the farthest point of the green from the hole.  You are lying 5, putting for 6.

    Out-of-Bounds or Lost Ball:

      To speed up play, we play out-of-bounds or lost balls like a lateral water hazard.  Drop a ball as near as possible to the spot where the ball was lost or went out of bounds, and add one penalty stroke to your score.  Search limit:  3 minutes.


      If you cannot play on league night in any week, please GOLF OUT.  Golf-outs must be played with another member of the league.  All golf-outs must be completed by the Sunday following the league night that was missed.  Leave your scorecard in Tam O'Shanter's golf-out box.  Be sure to play the correct nine (front or back) and to sign the league book.  You may also bank golf-out scores in advance anytime.  Mark the card “Golf-out” and put the date on it.  The lowest banked golf-out score for the nine played that week will be used.

      If you show up and play on a league Monday, you MUST use the score from that round for that week's play.  You cannot decide to not turn in a score you don't like and use a golf out later that week.  If you play on a Monday in a league round, that's your league score for that week.

Golf League Weekly Events:

    League Match Play:

      Every player will be assigned to a flight at the beginning of each half of the season, ranked by handicap — there will be approximately 7 to 10 players per flight.  Each week you will compete in a 9-hole match against ALL of the other players in your flight.  The winner of each match will be determined by MATCH PLAY (your net score on each hole compared to the net score of your opponent), with each match worth one point.  Total points earned during each half of league competition will determine prize winners for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place within each flight.  Click on this link to see a detailed example and explanation of how weekly matches are scored in the league using net scores on each hole.

    NO Weekly Skins Games for the 2020 Season!

    Optional Season-Long Eagles Club:

      To participate in this optional league competition, you must pay an additional $16 along with your dues money (that’s $1 per week).  We'll keep track of all gross eagles made by members of the Eagles Club throughout the season, and at the end of the year, the Eagles' Club pot will be split as many ways as there are eagles. Golf-out scores WILL count for the Eagles Club.

    Weekly Fun Events (NO prizes for 2020 Season):


    League Dues:

      $50.00 → the dues will cover prizes for league play in flights in both halves of the season and also covers the cost of the mid-season outing and the end-of-year outing.

    Eagles Club:

      $16.00 → in addition to the normal league dues.

    How to pay your dues / join the league:

      Send a check payable to "Toss'd Greens Golf League" for the league dues (and the additional amount if you choose to enter the Eagles Club) to this address:
        Janice Schwanbeck
        505 Fairbrook Way
        Sharpsville, PA   16150