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Larkin Wins Season-Ending Special Event With Net Eagle on 18th Hole

Gabriela Larkin scored a net eagle on the 18th hole, giving her 20 points and the win in the week's special event.  Four players tied with 19 points, and the winners of the handicap tiebreaker for 2nd through 4th place were Mary Ann Walsh, Charlene Osborne and Bob Means, respectively.  Congratulations are in order for the second half champions of each flight:

  • Flight A:  Blase Cindric
  • Flight B:  Linda Moreland
  • Flight C:  Dylan Osborne
  • Flight D:  Emma Weingartner
  • Flight E:  Sam Herskovitz
  • Flight F:  Paula Lawrence
  • Flight G:  Mary Ann Walsh

Watch the web site in the next couple of weeks for information and announcements about our End-of-Season Outing scheduled for Sunday, September 15 at Yankee Run Golf Course in Brookfield, OH.


Many Balls Hit Trees on a Hot Summer Day for Golf

The weather was nice and hot on August 19, and the course played pretty tough.  Mike Benic won the special event by hitting trees on 12 shots during his round; Jim Wolf was runner-up with 7 tree strokes, Mary Ann Walsh was third with 3 tree strokes, and Patty Kuzniar won the handicap tiebreaker for fourth place with 2 shots that hit trees.  To see all results from Week # 17 of league action, use the links at the top and/or right side of this page.  Only one week remains in the season, so it's time to play great this coming Monday to finish off the year!

Our end-of-year outing is all set for Yankee Run Golf Course in Brookfield, OH on Sunday, September 15, with a 1:30 pm shotgun start.  After golf, we'll stay at Yankee Run for food and three drinks on the league, along with prizes galore!  Should be a lot of fun as we mark the end of the 2019 season.


Weingartner Beats Up On Captain Bogey to Take the Top Spot in the Special Event of the Week

In this week's fun event, each player took on Captain Bogey in match play, and Emma Weingartner beat the Captain by a score of 9 up in her match to take top honors for the week.  Two players beat the captain 8 up and finished in 2nd and 3rd places by virtue of the handicap tie-breaker.  Patty Iwanejko finished in the runner-up spot, and Eileen Buchanan was third.  Of the seven players who beat the Captain 7 up, Michele McBurney had the highest handicap and took 4th place as a result.  To see all the week's results, use the links on this page.

With only two weeks left in the 2019 season, the flight races are up for grabs, and whoever finishes in the top three spots in each flight will come down to who plays best down the stretch.  Bring your best game to the course and finish strong the next two weeks!


Season Enters Last Month; Walsh wins 33–24–15 Special Event

Only three weeks now remain in the 2019 Toss'd Greens season, and many of the flight races are tight as we head toward the end of the season.  Mary Ann Walsh was the winner of the 33-24-15 tournament special event, running away with the title by a 14-point margin over second place finisher Gabriela Larkin.  Mike George finished 3rd and Mary Rose Marks finished 4th in the special event.  You can see the points earned by each player in the special event, along with the flight and skins results by using the links at the top and/or right side of this page.


Chiccarino Scores Closest to 29 on the 29th of July

There were some really low scores shot on the back nine by league members this week – putters were hot!  In the week's special event, Carole Chiccarino won the tie-breaker for the top prize after shooting a net score of 29 after the first 7 holes of the round; Dick Osborne earned second place, also with a net 29 through 7 holes of the round.  Carol Osborne and Sam Herskovitz scored 28 net strokes for the first 7 holes they played and won the tiebreakers to take the third and fourth spots in the special event from among the 11 players who were one stroke away from a net 29 for their first 7 holes.  Use the links at the top and/or right side of this page to see all the week's results and the current standings in all the flights.

Start to make plans to attend our End-Of-Season Outing which will be held on Sunday, September 15 at Yankee Run Golf Course in Brookfield, OH.  We will play 18 holes with lots of prizes available and then have our meal in one of Yankee's pavilions.  More details will be announced in the next several weeks, so save the date!


Bahr Wins The Elimination Challenge with Net Birdie on Number 8

This week's Fun Event was The Elimination Challenge, and after hole # 7 there were only 5 players left who hadn't been eliminated.  Moving on to # 8, JoAnn Bahr posted a net birdie, while the other four players still in the game all had net pars on the hole, so JoAnn was the only player to avoid Elimination.  The handicap tiebreaker was used to determine the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finishers, who were Donna Neff, Charlene Osborne and Debbie Book, respectively.  Use the links on this page to view all results of league matches, the Skins Games and the Special Event of the Week.


Lots of Fairways Missed in Week # 12 Play; Second Half Flight Races Taking Shape

Congratulations to Barb Devido, who missed 6 out of 7 fairways for the round and won the top prize in this week's special fun event – the only time that missing fairways helps you!  Renee Slagle also missed 6 of 7 fairways, but finished second due to the handicap tiebreaker.  Mary Smith finished in third place and Jude Heutsche finished fourth, both missing 5 of 7 fairways for their round, and edging out the 7 other players who missed that many fairways via the handicap tiebreaker.

After three rounds of the second half of the 2019 season, the races for the top three spots in each flight are still highly contested.  Be sure to view all the results of this week's play on the web site.


Many Early Net Bogeys in League Play this Week; Dye Takes Top Spot in Special Event

Only six players who played on Monday made it past hole # 3 without making a net bogey from the start of their rounds, and two of them made it past hole # 5 without carding a net bogey.  Art Dye was the only league member who did not make a net bogey on any hole of his round, thereby finishing in first place.  Mary Ann Walsh took the runner-up spot with a streak of 7 consecutive holes in her round without a net bogey.  Jude Heutsche finished in third place and Pam Mickley took fourth place by winning handicap tiebreakers among all the players who went 4 holes without making a net bogey.  Check out all the results from this week's play on this web site.


Good Scores Turned in on a Beautiful Day; Tiberia wins Fewest Putts Event

Finally, a Monday of really nice weather – we deserve it!  Many good scores were turned in by league players to start off the second half of the season.  In the special event of the week, Flavio Tiberia was the hot putter of the day, needing only 12 putts to complete his round.  Sam Herskovitz was second with only 13 putts; Mike George and Bill Schuster each had 14 putts, with Mike placing third due to the handicap tiebreaker, and Bill taking fourth place. : You can view the gross scores, net skins, special event results and Eagle's Club information by using the links at the top and/or right-side of the league home page.


First Half Flight Results are Final — Congratulations to the Winners!

The first half results for 2019 season are now official.  Congratulations are in order for the winners of each flight:

  • Flight A:  Blase Cindric
  • Flight B:  Carol Guerrera
  • Flight C:  Jim MacArthur
  • Flight D:  Mary Rose Marks
  • Flight E:  Jim Stevenson
  • Flight F:  Carol Osborne
  • Flight G:  Debbie Book

The top three finishers in each flight in each half of the season win a prize that will be distributed at the End Of Season outing in September.  Click on the "Standings" link at the top of the page and then check out the link for June 24 to see the final standings for the first half.

We'll start the second half of the season tomorrow, and we've taken the handicaps that will be in use for week 10 to place players in flights, so you may be in a different flight for July and August than you were in for the first half of the season.  CLICK HERE to see your flight for the second half.

It was a great weather day on Sunday, June 30, and hopefully everyone had fun at our Mid-Season League Outing at Tam O'Shanter.  Congratulations to the winning scramble teams:

  • First Place:  Jess Jackal, Rich Joseph, Jim MacArthur and Bill Schuster
  • Second Place:  Tony Curic, Mike George, Sam Herskovitz and Flavio Tiberia
  • Third Place:  Brandon Benic, Mike Benic, Walt Cannon and Art Dye


First Half of Season ends with exciting action in all Flights

The June 24 round of play in the Toss'd Greens Golf League marked the end of the first half of the 2019 season.  The top three finishers in each flight win a prize to be distributed at the end-of-season outing in September.  The winners in each flight won't be officially determined until this Sunday night, because league members have until then to submit a golf-out score for the week if they didn't play on Monday.  Click on the "Standings" link at the top of the page and then check out the link for June 24 to see the unofficial standings at the first half.  In Week 9's special event, Linda Moreland won the first place prize with a score of 81 points, Patty Kuzniar was runner-up with 71 points, and Art Dye and Rich Joseph finished third and fourth, respectively.

See you on Sunday for our Mid-Season Outing!  It'll be a 1:00 pm shotgun start for our 18-hole scramble, with our picnic supper to follow the golf.  Let's have a great day and get ready for the second half of league competition.  An e-mail will be sent to all league members in a day or two with details for the scramble.


Neff Partners With Old Man Par to Take Top Honors in Special Event of the Week

With only one week to go in the first half of the 2019 season, the races in five of the seven flights are still up for grabs with the leader ahead by no more than 3 points, so next week promises to be exciting as the first half flight winners are determined.  Be sure to play this coming Monday or have a front-nine golf-out score turned in for the last week of the first half!

Donna Neff teamed up with Old Man Par to shoot a better-ball net score of 30 to win this week's fun event; Judy Movic also had a net team score of 30, but finished in second place due to the handicap tie-breaker.  Mike Benic finished third with a team score of 31, with Debbie Book taking fourth place with a 32.  To see the latest results from the league, use the links at the top and/or right side of this page.

The Mid-Season Outing / Field Day for our league will be Sunday, June 30 at Tam O'Shanter.  We will be playing an 18-hole Handicapped Scramble with a 1:00 pm shotgun start, followed by a picnic dinner after the conclusion of the golf (featuring Barb Carbone's FAMOUS home-made ice cream!).  A sign-up sheet will be at the front counter at Tam O'Shanter, and is available even if you golf-out — please sign the sheet and indicate whether you will be coming for both golf and dinner, for dinner only, or if you won't be able to attend the outing this year.  Guests are welcome for $20, and you can sign their names to the sign-up sheet as well.  Should be a lot of fun, so make plans to be there!  PLEASE let us know soon if you will be attending — thank you.


Means Has Most One-Putts; Just Two Weeks Left in First Half of Season

Bob Means was the winner in the Special Event for Week 7 with six one-putt greens for his round.  Blase Cindric finished 2nd with five one-putt greens, Rich Joseph had four one-putts to take 3rd place, and Jess Jackal won a four-way playoff for 4th place, finishing with three one-putts.  With just two weeks remaining in the first half of the season, it's time to start thinking about our Mid-Season Outing, scheduled for Sunday, June 30.  This event will be 18 holes of golf followed by a picnic supper with Barb Carbone's famous homemade ice cream for dessert.  Be sure to plan to play in this special league event!  A signup sheet is available at the course every Monday in June for you to let us know if you will be able to make it, or you can send e-mail to


Arnold Cards Most 6's and 3's on 6/3

The first half of the season is two-thirds complete, and the flight races are close in most of the flights.  Rich Arnold won the special event of the week, having the most gross and net 6's and 3's on his scorecard, with ten of them.  Jim MacArthur was runner-up with nine 6's and 3's; Judy Movic finished third with eight 6's and 3's, and Carol Osborne won the tie-breaker among three players with seven 6's and 3's in her round.  All of the results from Week 6 of the season can be viewed by using the links at the top or right-hand side of this page.

Mark your calendars — our Mid-Season Outing / Field Day will be held on Sunday, June 30 at Tam O'Shanter.  Plan to attend for all the golf and the food and fun after golf.  A sign-up sheet will be at the course all throughout June, so be sure to sign up and let us know if you will be able to participate.  Details about the outing will be forthcoming in the next several weeks via e-mail, so stay tuned.


MacArthur Wins Sudden-Death Playoff on 2nd Hole

The special event this week was a Sudden-Death Playoff involving everyone who played their league round on Monday.  On the first hole, there were eight players who carded net birdies, so everyone else was out of the playoff.  Then on hole # 2, Jim MacArthur made a net eagle to take the first place prize in the playoff.  There were two players in the playoff who had a net birdie on # 2, so they moved on to # 3 where Sam Herskovitz bettered Walt Cannon for the 2nd place prize; Walt placed 3rd this week.  Justin Kraynak finished fourth by virtue of his net par on # 2 and net eagle on # 3.  You can see all the details from the May 27 round of league play on the league web site.

For our next league round, scheduled for Monday, June 3, we will have a special shot-gun start at 5:15 pm for our league play on the back-nine, because Tam O'Shanter is closed until 5 pm for a large golf outing that day.  The shotgun start should be fun – try to attend!  But if you can't play at that time on 6/3, you can always turn in a golf-out score for the week anytime before Sunday, June 9.


Devido Wins Best Poker Hand Event with Five of a Kind

In the Special Event this week, Barb Devido carded five net 5's to post the best poker hand of everyone who played on Monday.  Barb edged Linda Moreland, who also had five net 5's on her scorecard in the handicap tiebreaker, so Linda finished second.  Donna Neff and Mike George used the handicap tiebreaker to take third and fourth places, respectively, from among the seven players who finished with five net 4's.  Several of the flight races are very close this year, with Rich Arnold and Blase Cindric tied for the lead in Flight A, Jim Wolf holding a ½-point lead in Flight B, Bill Schuster at the top of Flight D by ½ a point, and new league member Tim Slagle leading Flight G by a 1½-point margin.  To see the poker hands made from all players' net scores, and all other results of week # 4 of league play, use the links at the top or at the right side of this page.


Wet, Cold Conditions Prove Challenging in Week 3; Koppel wins Special Event

It was a very lousy weather day on May 13, and only a few hardy souls ventured out to play on league day in Week # 3.  Ted Koppel won the special event of the week, with a score of 25 after throwing out his two worst net holes; Jim MacArthur was runner-up, followed by Dick Osborne and Dean Osborne, in that order.  All of the results from the third week of the season can be viewed by using the links at the top or right-hand side of this page.

The match results and stats shown on the web page don't include people who didn't play on league day, but these will be updated on Sunday night to include golf-out scores.  So if you turn in a golf-out score before Sunday, May 19, or you have a front-nine golf-out in the bank, it will count for your Week 3 score when the page is updated.  Also, if you haven't paid your dues, your scores don't show up, so please pay as soon as possible.  Thank you to all who have paid their dues by the due date.


Wiesen is Most Accurate Driver on May 6; Please pay your league dues so that your scores can be used

The standings in the nine flights and also the Special Event of the Week results don't include scores for players who have played rounds but have not yet paid their dues.  As soon as the scorekeeper gets confirmation from the treasurer that dues have been paid by a particular league member, the scores for weeks 1 and 2 for that person will be used to update the standings in the flights.  Members cannot participate in the Special Event of the week until dues are paid, so some people who have played won't appear on the Special Event Standings pages for the first two weeks.

In this league, it really hurts you if you miss a week of league play without turning in a golf-out score, so be sure to golf out during those weeks that you can't play on Monday.  You can also bank golf-out scores in advance if you know that you'll have to miss on a particular league night.

The special event for Week # 2 was most tee shots in the fairway, and Dianne Wiesen took first place honors by hitting all 7 fairways in her round.  Mary Smith finished in 2nd place, and Michele McBurney and Emma Weingartner tied for 3rd place, each hitting 6 out of 7 fairways to win a Tam O'Shanter Gift Certificate.  Use the links at the top or right-hand side of the page to see all the results from Week # 2 of league play.


Season Opens on a Day of Iffy Weather; DiFeo wins Fewest Putts Event

The weather was kind of strange on April 29 for the opening round of play in the Toss'd Greens Golf League for 2019.  Several players got off to a hot start in their flights by playing good rounds.  In the special event of the week, Maureen DiFeo was the boss of the moss, needing only 13 putts to complete her 9-hole round.  Dianne Wiesen was runner-up, tying Maureen with 13 putts but losing the handicap tie-breaker.  Jim Wolf and Rich Arnold finished in the third and fourth spots in the special event with 15 putts each.  You can view the gross scores, net skins, special event results, Eagle's Club information and season-long statistical summary by using the links at the top and/or right-side of the league home page.

We will calculate new handicaps after each week of league play, so you can see what your handicap will be for next week by clicking on the "Handicaps for Week 2" link in the right-hand column of the league home page.

The flight standings aren't finalized until all league members have a chance to turn in a golf-out score for the week.  If you play a round on the same nine as we played that week (week 1 was on the front nine) you can turn in a score for the week as long as you do it by Sunday night of the week you missed.  You can also turn in scores in advance to be put in the golf-out bank if you know you'll be missing a week in the future.  Just leave your scorecard with the staff at the front desk at Tam O'Shanter.


Flights and Starting Handicaps have been established for First Week of the Season

Using the practice rounds and the ending handicaps from last year, new handicaps for the start of the 2019 season have been established, and the league members have been assigned to the flights in which they will compete for the first half of the season.  CLICK HERE to see your starting handicap and your flight.

The season starts this coming Monday, April 29.  Good luck to everyone as we kick off another year of fun in the Toss'd Greens Golf League!


Second Practice Round Scheduled for April 22

Hopefully the weather will allow many league members will tee it up this week at Tam O'Shanter.  Please turn in your scorecard so we can calculate handicaps for the start of the season.  If you know of anyone who's thinking of joining the league this year, please encourage them to play tonight so they will have a handicap for the first weeks of league play.

If you've paid your league dues already, thank you! Don't forget that league dues must be paid by May 6 or no scores will be posted until payment is made.


Crazy Weather Plays Havoc with First Practic Round of the Season

It was stormy and rainy on Sunday, and in the 30s for much of the day on Monday, so the first practice day of the season was not good for golf.  But many league members played their first practice round early and turned in their golf-out score, so we're underway for the season.  Please try to play two practice rounds, one front-nine and one back-nine round, before the first week of the 2019 season on April 29.

If you've turned in a scorecard for a practice round, it's been entered into the golf-out bank.  Click the link in the upper-right portion of the home page to see the Golf Out scores that have been recorded so far for 2019.


Toss'd Italian Bar and Grille will continue as our league sponsor for 2019!

We are pleased to announce that our golf league is once again being sponsored by Toss'd, but they have big news!  They are ready to relocate to the former Jess's building on E. State Street in Hermitage, and they soon be opening under the new name Toss'd Italian Bar and Grille.  Click here to visit the Toss'd web site to check out their menu and specials.  Thanks to our title sponsor, we'll have plenty of great prizes for our weekly fun games this year, and we're working with Toss'd to set up a special food night after golf on a Monday sometime in the second half of the season — we'll let you know when it's been scheduled.

To thank Toss'd for continuing as our league sponsor, we're encouraging all league members to stop in at the new Toss'd Italian Bar and Grille after your round of golf on Mondays for drinks and good food, and to brag about your round or get some consolation/teasing from your fellow league members if things didn't go so well that day!  Make it a regular habit to drop in at Toss'd — your after-golf spot!


Welcome to our League Web Site!

You've arrived at the web home of the Shenango Valley's fun golf league!  We're looking for new members, and would be happy if you would join us for the exciting 2019 season.  We play on Mondays at Tam O'Shanter Golf Course, and the league is open to men and women golfers of all levels of ability.  We play individual matches within flights, with weekly gross and net skins games and a different fun event each week in addition to league match play.  Click on THIS LINK for details on league rules, dues and activities.