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Net Eagles on 17th Hole Win Prizes for Provencher, Cantalupe

In the Save Your Best for Last fun event, Gary Provencher and Paula Cantalupe both carded net eagles on # 17 to earn 19 points and take the top two slots in the event.  In a 12-way tie for 3rd place, Karen Reed won the tie-breaker.  Congratulations are in order for the second half champions of each flight:  Blase Cindric in the A flight, Jeff Hull in Flight B, Dave U'Halie in the C flight, and Janice Schwanbeck in Flight D.

Hope to see everyone at the End-of-Year Outing this coming Sunday, Sept. 13 at Deer Creek Golf Course in Hubbard, OH.  We have the tee from noon until 1:07 pm.  If you can't make it for golf, please come to Quaker Steak and Lube at 5:00 or 5:30 pm and join us for the after party!


One Week Remains in the Season; Mistretta Avoids Elimination to Take Special Event Top Slot

There is only one week left in the second half of the Not Just Bogeys season -- where did the summer go?  19 league members are still fighting for one of the top three positions in each flight, so it'll all come down to this coming week's play.

Week 15's special event was the Elimination Challenge, and Bill Mistretta outlasted everyone else to take first place.  After hole # 7, there were still 5 players alive in the game, but then Bill shot a net birdie on # 8 to win the event.  The other players all made net bogeys on # 8, so in a tie-breaker, Jeanne Endicott took second and Alan Endicott finished in third. Use the links on this page to check out where you stand in your flight, and to see the skins and special event results from Week 14 of league play.

Our end-of-season outing is all set for Sunday, September 13 at Deer Creek Golf Course in Hubbard, OH.  We have tee times starting at 12:07 pm and running until 1:07 pm.  After the 18 holes, we'll go to Quaker Steak and Lube for food and 2 drinks compliments of the league.  More details will be shared by e-mail later this week, so watch your in-box!


Benic Tops the Field in Stableford Tournament

In the special event of the week, Mike Benic earned the most points in the Modified Stableford Tournament, with a score of +8 points.  Runner-up honors went to Janice Schwanbeck who earned +7 points, and Kim Shirk took the 3rd prize with a score of +6 points.  With only two weeks of play left in the 2015 season, lots of prizes are still up for grabs in the flight races. Use the links on this page to check out where you stand in your flight, and to see the skins and special event results from Week 14 of league play.


Endicott, Stevenson and Schafer Beat Up on Captain Bogey to Take Prizes in Special Event

In this week's fun event, each player took on Captain Bogey in match play, and Alan Endicott took the Captain to the woodshed, beating him by a whopping 8 up in the match to take the first place prize.  Jim Stevenson finishes as the runner-up this week and Amy Schafer took third place, both with 6 up wins over the Captain.  There are tight races in the flights with only three weeks left in the second half of the season.  In Flight D, there's a four-way tie for first place, with a fifth player just one point out of the tie.  To see all the week's results, use the links on this page.

Make plans for our End-of-Season 18-hole golf outing and afterparty to be held on Sunday, Sept. 13.  We have tee times between 12:07 and 1:00 pm at Deer Creek Golf Course in Hubbard, OH, and plans are still in the works for the location of the party after golf.  There will be lots of prizes and fun, so be sure to mark your calendars.


Many Fairways Were Missed on a Warm Summer Night

Congratulations are in order for Mike Benic, who both missed all 7 fairways for the round and won the prize in this week's special fun event – the only time that missing fairways helps you!  Jeanne Endicott and Jeff Hull were too accurate, hitting one of their 7 drives in the fairway, so they took 2nd and 3rd positions in the fun event, respectively.  Be sure to see all the results of this week's play here on the web site.

Our end-of-season outing will be held on Sunday, September 13.  We are investigating the costs and availability of several courses, and will have more news about the location and times for the event soon.


Reed Wins Sudden-Death Playoff on 2nd Hole

The special event this week was a Sudden-Death Playoff involving everyone in the league who played on Tuesday night, starting on # 1. On the first hole, there were five players who carded net birdies, so everyone else was out of the playoff.  On hole # 2, Karen Reed made another net birdie to win the event, while Jessie Hull made a net par to take second place and Bob Walters finished in third place with a net bogey.  You can view all results from the August 4th round by using the links at the top and/or right side of this page.


Mistretta Closest to 28 on the 28th of July

The second half of the season got off to a hot start – we had the highest temperatures of the year so far.  For the week's special event, Bill Mistretta won the tie-breaker for the top prize after shooting a net score of 27 after the first 7 holes of the round; Art Dye was runner-up and Gary Provencher took third place in a tie-breaker.  Use the links at the top and/or right side of this page to see all the week's results.


Finally  —   The Mid-Season Scramble Wasn't Rained Out!

It took 3 weeks, but finally we had a nice weather evening on a Tuesday and were able to hold the third annual Mid-Season Scramble event on July 21.  The team of Trip McBride, Dave U'Halie and Blase Cindric were the winners, winning a scorecard playoff with a net score of 33.  Ken Johnston and Bob Walters finished in second place, and all of the teams finished under par after handicap strokes were deducted.  CLICK HERE to see the scores for all the teams.

Next week we will start the second half of the 2015 season.  Handicaps have been updated and players have been reflighted based on the newest handicap values.  Click on the link to "Hcps for Week 10" in the column on the right-hand side of this web page to see the flight in which you will compete in the second half, and also to see your new handicap value.


July 7 Round Declared a Rain-Out; Mid-Season Scramble is Next

A huge thunderstorm caused Tam O’Shanter staff closed the course around 6 pm, so the July 7 round was declared a rain-out.  We’ll have a league vote at the conclusion of the Mid-Season Scramble on Tuesday July 14 to see if we want to extend the season later into September or just have one fewer week in the season.  Think dry weather!


Rain Washes Out Mid-Season Scramble; Event Rescheduled for July 14

One of the heaviest downpours in memory struck Tam O’Shanter right at 5 pm on June 30, causing the postponement of the Mid-Season Scramble event.  Since Blase will be out of town next Tuesday, we'll start the Second Half of the season as originally scheduled on July 7, and then hold the Mid-Season Scramble on July 14.  The season will still be a full 18 weeks; the last week of league play will now be September 8.

The flights have been reassigned for the second half of the season using the Week 10 handicaps.  You may not be in the same flight in the 2nd half as you were in the 1st half, so check the "Handicaps for Week 10" link on the right side of the page to see the flight in which you will compete in the second half.


All Systems "Go" for Mid-Season Scramble

On Tuesday, June 30, we'll hold our third annual Mid-Season Scramble.  Please arrive at the course by 5:15 pm, and we'll finalize the teams at that time and go out to our tees for a shotgun start by 5:20 or so.  We'll have closest to the pin contests and longest putt contests on each hole, with men and women both eligible for each prize on each hole.  It'll be closest to the pin on the team's third shot on #12 and #13, closest to the pin in 1 on #14 and #18, and closest in two shots on all the other holes.  Should be a lot of fun — and stay after your round for prize distribution and two hot dogs and a drink compliments of the league.


First Half of Season ends with exciting action in all Flights

The June 23 round of play in the Not Just Bogeys golf league marked the end of the first half of the 2015 season.  The top three finishers in each flight win a prize to be distributed at the end-of-season outing in September.  Congratulations are in order for the winners of each flight:  Blase Cindric in the A Flight, Bill Skorupan for the B Flight, Janice Schwanbeck for Flight C, and Gary Provencher in Flight D.  Click on the "Standings" link at the top of the page and then check out the link for June 23 to see the final standings for the first half.  In Week 9's special event, Blase Cindric won the first place prize with a score of 57 points; Bill Skorupan finished second and Bob Walters came in third.

For the second half of the season, we'll use the handicaps that are in place for week 10 to place players in flights, so you may be in a different flight for July, August and September than you were in the first half.  The web site will be updated in the next two weeks with the new flight structure, so check back often.


Only One Week Remains In First Half; Stevenson Takes Top Honors in 15-24-33 Tourney

The top spot in three of the four flights is still up for grabs heading into the last week of the first half of the season.  In this week's fun event, Jim Stevenson and Trip McBride each totalled 65 points, with Jim taking first place in the tiebreaker.  Art Dye finished in third place this week to extend his lead in the season-long fun game competition.  Use the links on this page to see all of the Week 8 results.

Our Mid-Season Event is scheduled for Tuesday, June 30 at Tam O'Shanter.  It looks like most league members want to play a scramble, so we'll let players form their own 3-person scramble teams, or if you would like to have Blase assign you to a team, that will also be ok.  We'll use handicap strokes to balance things out among the scramble teams — click THIS LINK to see how the handicaps will be used for the scramble.  We'll have prizes on every hole so plan to join us for all the fun.  Looks like it will be a great day of golf and we'll have hot dogs and a drink complements of the league after the round.  Watch your e-mail for more details to come.


Endicott Cards Most One-Putts; Just Two Weeks Left in First Half of Season

Alan Endicott was the best putter of the week with four one-putt greens to take first place in the Special Event for Week 7. Four league members recorded 3 one-putt greens during their Tuesday rounds, and the tie-breaker was used to determine the prize winners; Jessie Hull was runner-up this week and Jeff Hull finished third.  After 7 weeks of league play this year, 14 different league members have won at least one special event prize.  With their fine putting performances this week, Alan and Jessie move into a tie for third place with Amy Schafer for the overall lead in fun game prize winnings this year, trailing the leader Art Dye by a mere $6, with Gary Provencher in overall second place just $2 behind Art.

With just two weeks remaining in the first half of the season, it's time to start thinking about our Mid-Season Scramble, scheduled for Tuesday, June 30.  We want this event to be fun for everyone, with lots of prizes available, so an electronic survey will be sent out in the next week to see if people would prefer to play a scramble or perhaps a blind-draw-for-partners better-ball event.  Watch your e-mail and be sure to fill out the survey when you get it so your voice can be heard!


Gardner Wins Best Poker Hand Event with Five of a Kind

In the Special Event of the Week, Veronica Gardner carded five net 5's to post the best poker hand of everyone who played on Tuesday.  Five players made five net 4's in their June 2nd round, so the handicap tie-breaker was used to determine the second and third place finishers.  Amy Schafer took the runner-up spot, and Jeff Hull finished third.  Blase Cindric, Don Reed, Janice Schwanbeck and Marla Nardo hold the first place positions in their flights at this point in the season.  To see the poker hands made from all players' net scores, and all other results of week 6 of league play, use the links at the top or at the right side of this page.


Lots of Early Net Bogeys in League Play this Week; Schwanbeck plays a Net-Bogey-free round

All but five players who played on Tuesday night this week made a net bogey on hole number one or number two, and only Janice Schwanbeck made it through number four without making a net bogey, winning the Drop Out with a Net Bogey special event – Janice played the entire round without making a net bogey or worse, firing a fine net score of 33 on the night.  In a tie-breaker, Gary Provencher took the runner-up spot, with Blase Cindric finishing in third place.  This week marks the mid-point of the first half of the season, and the flight races are still all up for grabs, although Janice has built a somewhat comfortable lead in Flight C.


Shirk is Most Accurate Driver on May 19; Flight Races Tight after Four Weeks

The standings in three of the four flights are close after the first four weeks of league play, and there's a close race for second and third in the C flight.  In this league, it really hurts you if you miss a week of league play without turning in a golf-out score, so be sure to golf out during those weeks that you can't make it on Tuesday night.  You can also bank golf-out scores in advance if you know that you'll have to miss on a particular league night.

The special event for the week was most tee shots in the fairway, and new league member Kim Shirk took first prize by hitting 5 of 7 fairways in her round.  Runner-up was Jessie Hull, also with 5 drives in the fairway, and Don Reed took the third place slot this week.  Use the links at the top or right-hand side of the page to see all the results from Week # 4 of league play.


Flights Readjusted Due to Fewer Players; Provencher Wins Special Event

Because several people who’ve played in the league over the past several years aren’t joining this year, we had several flights with only two or three people playing.  So we’ve readjusted the flights and recalculated all matches; this is the last change that will be made to the flights until we start the second half of the season in July.

Gary Provencher won the special event of the week, with a score of 22 after throwing out his two worst net holes.  Amy Schafer was runner-up with a score of 23, and Jim Stevenson came in third with a score of 24.  All of the results from the third week of the season can be viewed by using the links at the top or right-hand side of this page.


Flights are Set Officially for First Half of Season; Walters and Dye Tie for First in Cinco de Mayo Special Event

All new league members have played at least one round now, so the flights have been established for the first half of the 2015 season.  We're revising handicaps every week this season, so you can see the handicaps that will be used for Week 3 by clicking THIS LINK.  In the special event of the week, Art Dye and Bob Walters tied with 7 gross and net fives on their scorecards; Alan Endicott finished in 3rd place with 6 fives.

The match results for the first two weeks of league play are now posted on the web site; to see all week 2 results in the Not Just Bogeys league, use the links at the top or right-hand side of this page.


First League Round Played in Beautiful Conditions; Dye Sets Record for Fewest Putts

It was slightly windy but otherwise was a really nice weather day for the opening round of play in the Not Just Bogeys league for 2015.  Because some new players don't yet have a handicap, we'll hold off posting match results until the Week 2 scores are in.  In the special event of the week, Art Dye was the boss of the moss, needing only 11 putts to complete his round, which is a league record for this event.  Don Reed was runner-up with only 13 putts on the day, and Karen Reed finished third with 14 putts for her round.  You can view the gross scores, net skins, special event results and Eagle's Club information by using the links at the top and/or right-side of the league home page.


Second Practice Round Scheduled for April 21

We had some people turn in scores for the first practice round of the spring last week, but hopefully more league members will tee it up this week at Tam O'Shanter.  Please turn in your scorecard so we can calculate handicaps for the start of the season.  If you know of anyone who's thinking of joining the league this year, please encourage them to play tonight so they will have a handicap for the first weeks of league play.


Today is the Day!  It’s the First Practice Round of the Season

Be sure to play today and take advantage of the great mid-April weather.  Or if you can't play today, turn in a golf out score any time before the start of the season in two weeks, on April 28.

If you are new to the league this year, please plan to play and establish some scores for your handicap at the start of the year.  See you at the course!


First Practice Round is just two weeks away!

We always schedule two practice rounds for the golf league before actual competition starts. This gives everyone a chance to turn in some scores to establish a start-of-season handicap, and to get back into the swing of things.  If you play practice rounds, your handicap for the start of the season will be determined half from your handicap at the end of last year, and half from the practice rounds you play.  Our first practice round is scheduled for two weeks from today, Tuesday, April 14.  Plan to play that day, turn in your scorecard, and reconnect with your friends in the golf league after this LOOOONNNGGG and cold winter we've just had.

If you are new to the league this year, please plan to play and establish some scores for your handicap at the start of the year.  See you at the course!


Welcome to our League Web Site!

You've arrived at the web home of the Shenango Valley's fun golf league! We're looking for new members, and would be happy if you would join us for the exciting 2015 season. The league is open to men and women golfers of all levels of ability. We play individual matches within flights, with a weekly skins game and a different fun event each week in addition to league match play. Click on THIS LINK for details on league rules, dues and activities.