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Six Players Avoid Elimination As Second Half of Season Gets Underway

There were six players who survived all nine holes without being eliminated from the week's special event.  Of those players, Amy Schafer had the lowest net total score for the round, shooting a net 33 for the round.  Jared Baughman was runner-up with a net score of 34.  Use the links at the top and/or right side of this page to see all of the results for the July 8 round of league play.


Mid-Season Scramble is a Hit on a Steamy Night

It was hot and humid for the second annual Mid-Season Scramble event on July 1.  The team of Kian Richards and Blase Cindric were the winners, with a score of 31.  Jeanne Endicott, Bill Richards and Art Dye finished in second place, carding a 34 score.  CLICK HERE to see the scores for all the teams.

Next week we will start the second half of the 2014 season.  Handicaps have been adjusted from the last three weeks of league play, and players have been reflighted based on the newest handicap values.  Click on the link to "Hcps for Weeks 10 to 12" in the column on the right-hand side of this web page to see the flight in which you will compete in the second half, and also to see your new handicap value.


First Half of Season ends with exciting action in all Flights

The June 24 round of play in the Not Just Bogeys golf league marked the end of the first half of the 2014 season.  The top three finishers in each flight win a prize to be distributed at the end-of-season outing in September.  Congratulations are in order for the winners of each flight:  Blase Cindric in the A Flight, Art Dye for the B Flight, Bill Richards for Flight C, Virginia Peterson in the D Flight, and Janice Schwanbeck in Flight E.  Click on the "Standings" link at the top of the page and then check out the link for June 24 to see the final standings for the first half.  In Week 9's special event, Kelly Williams won the first place prize with a score of 67 points, and Shaun Endicott was runner-up with 57 points.

Handicaps have been revised for the start of the second half of the season, and several players have moved into different flights based on the new handicaps.  Check out your new handicap and what flight you'll be in by clicking THIS LINK.  Handicaps are scheduled to be revised after the July 22 and August 12 rounds, but the flights will stay the same for the entire second half of the season.


Richards Partners With Old Man Par to Take Top Honors in Special Event of the Week

With only one week to go in the first half of the 2014 season, the leaders in four of the five flights are ahead by less than 5 points, and two flights have a tie for the lead, so next week promises to be exciting as the first half winners are determined.  Kian Richards teamed up with Old Man Par to shoot a better-ball net score of 30 to win the week's fun event; Linda Ruffo won a tie-breaker for the runner-up spot with a net team score of 31, and takes over the season-long leading prize-winning position.  To see the latest results from the league, use the links at the top and/or right side of this page.


Hot Dog Night Produces Excitement and Fun

The rain held off, and the course was playing firmer than it has recently, which made Hot Dog Night once again a fun highlight of the season to this point.  Jessie Hull and Jeff Baughman were the winning team in the Blind Draw for Partners event, with a score of 29, with the team of Don Reed and Ryan Snyder finishing in second place. All of the results from Week 7 of league action are viewable on this web site by using the links at the right side and the top of the page.

There are just two weeks left in the first half of the season, so bring your ‘A’ game to the course for the next two league rounds!  Remember that the top three finishers in each flight win prizes for each half of the season.


Schwanbeck Cards Most 6's and 3's on 6/3

A nice evening weather-wise allowed for a good turnout on league night, and the races for the top three spots in each flight are heating up.  Janice Schwanbeck won the special event of the night, having the most gross and net 6's and 3's on her scorecard, with ten of them.  Jeanne Endicott was runner-up, with eight 6's and 3's.  All of the results of the sixth week of the season can be viewed by using the links at the top or right-hand side of this page.

It's time to revise the handicaps again, for use in the last 3 weeks of the first half of the season.  To see the new handicaps that will be used for weeks 7, 8 and 9, CLICK HERE.

This coming Tuesday, June 10, will be our annual Hot Dog Fun Night.  We'll have special games on several holes (separate closest-to-the-pin, closest-to-the-pin-2nd-shot and long putt contests for men and women), and after the round, everyone will get a ticket good for a free hot dog and two drinks at Tam O'Shanter's Snack Bar.  Plan to stay for the get-together after your round, meet our new league members and take part in all the fun!


Lots of Early Net Bogeys in League Play this Week

All but four players who played on Tuesday night this week made a net bogey on hole number one or number two, and nobody made it to hole number four without making a net bogey – those opening holes were playing tough!  In a tie-breaker, Marla Nardo won the Drop Out with a Net Bogey special event, with Kelly Williams taking the runner-up spot in a tie-breaker.  This week marks the mid-point of the first half of the season, and the flight races are still all up for grabs.


Five of a Kind Wins Best Poker Hand Event

Four players made five net 4's in their round on May 20, so the handicap tie-breaker was used to determine the first two spots in the special event of the week.  Bill Richards took the top spot, and Rick Manilla was the runner-up.  Blase Cindric, Don Reed, Bob Rehner and Janice Schwanbeck are in first place in their flights at this point in the season, while Michelle Baughman and Jeanne Endicott are tied for the lead in their flight.  To see the poker hands made from all players' net scores, and all other results of week 4 of league play, use the links at the top or at the right side of this page.


Hot Humid Weather, Wet Conditions Make for a Challenging Course; Schafer Wins Special Event

We had an unexpected summer-like day on Tuesday this week, with warm temperatures and lots of humidity.  Coupled with the wet conditions on many holes, the course played long and tough.  Amy Schafer won the special event of the night, with a fine score of 21 after throwing out her two worst net holes.  Linda Ruffo was runner-up, with a score of 23.  All of the results from the third week of the season can be viewed by using the links at the top or right-hand side of this page.

Since we've now had three official weeks of league play, handicaps have been revised for the next part of the first half of the season.  To see the new handicaps that will be used for weeks 4, 5 and 6, CLICK HERE.


Hull is Most Accurate Driver on May 6; Flight Races Tight after Two Weeks

The standings in each flight are close after the first two weeks of league play.  No flight leader has a lead of more than 2 points at this stage of the season.  In this league, it really hurts you if you miss a week of league play without turning in a golf-out score, so be sure to golf out during those weeks that you can't make it on Tuesday night.  You can also bank golf-out scores in advance if you know that you'll have to miss on a particular league night.

The special event for the week was most tee shots in the fairway, and Jeff Hull took first prize by hitting 6 of 7 fairways in his round.  Runner-up was Dave U'Halie, also with 6 drives in the fairway.  Use the links at the top or right-hand side of the page to see all the results from Week # 2 of league play.


First League Round Played in Windy Conditions; Endicott uses Fewest Putts

The rain early in the day gave way to decent but very windy conditions for the opening round of play in the Not Just Bogeys league for 2014.  Because some new players don't yet have a handicap, we'll hold off posting match results until the Week 2 scores are in.  In the special event of the week, Alan Endicott was the boss of the moss, needing only 15 putts to complete his round.  Frank Pascarella also used just 15 putts, but finished second because of the special event tie-breaker.  You can view the gross scores, special event results and Eagle's Club information by using the links at the top and/or right-side of the league home page.


Ready for Opening Night for the 2014 Season!

The 2014 Not Just Bogeys Golf League season gets underway this Tuesday, April 29. We have some new people in the league this year, and the weather was so lousy this spring that several people couldn't play practice rounds to set up initial handicaps, so we'll wait until two weeks of league play are in the books to set up the starting handicaps for the first half of the season and the flight assignments for each player.  Good luck to one and all, and let's hope the weather allows us to play tomorrow!  We're playing the front nine for Week 1 of the season.  If you can't play on Tuesday, be sure to golf out this week and turn in the card so we can get everyone off to a good start in 2014.


Second Practice Round Scheduled for April 22

We had some people turn in golf-out scores for the first practice round of the spring last week, but hopefully more league members will tee it up this week at Tam O'Shanter.  If you don't turn in any practice round scores, then your handicap will start out at the same value it was at the end of last season.  Please remember to turn in your scorecard in the box that is part of the league's display board, so we can calculate handicaps for the start of the season.  If you know of anyone who's thinking of joining the league this year, please encourage them to play tonight so they will have a handicap for the first weeks of league play.


Not the Best Weather for First Practice Round!!

Boy, we can't seem to catch a break this year, can we?  Freezing rain and snow on April 15?  Well, the good news is that the weather looks better later in the week, so you can play a practice round then and turn in the scorecard in the golf-out box at the front counter in the Tam O'Shanter pro shop.  Please try to play at least two nine-hole practice rounds before the start of the 2014 season on April 29, so we can use those scores to set up the handicaps and flights for the first weeks of the season.

Here's hoping for much, much better weather next Tuesday (April 22) for practice round # 2!


First Practice Round is just two weeks away!

We always schedule two practice rounds for the golf league before actual competition starts. This gives everyone a chance to turn in some scores to establish a start-of-season handicap, and to get back into the swing of things.  If you play practice rounds, your handicap for the start of the season will be determined half from your handicap at the end of last year, and half from the practice rounds you play.  Our first practice round is scheduled for two weeks from today, Tuesday, April 15.  Plan to play that day, turn in your scorecard, and reconnect with your friends in the golf league after a LOOOONNNGGG and cold winter.

If you are new to the league this year, please plan to play and establish some scores for your handicap at the start of the year.  See you at the course!


Welcome to our League Web Site!

You've arrived at the web home of the Shenango Valley's fun golf league! We're looking for new members, and would be happy if you would join us for the exciting 2014 season. The league is open to men and women golfers of all levels of ability. We play individual matches within flights, with a weekly skins game and a different fun event each week in addition to league match play. Click on THIS LINK for details on league rules, dues and activities.