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Walsh Wins Final Special Event of the Season with a Dramatic Finish

Mary Ann Walsh scored a net double-eagle on the 17th hole, which counts for 20 points, and that was enough to win the Save Your Best For Last special event of the week.  There was a 6-way tie at 19 points, so the handicap tiebreaker was used to determine the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finishers.  Deb Fair finished second, with Mary Rose Marks coming in third and Jim MacArthur taking fourth place.  Congratulations are in order for the second half champions of each flight:  Blase Cindric in the A flight, Bob Rehner in flight B, Jim Wolf in the C flight, Diane Wiesen in flight D, Jess Jackal in the E flight, Judy Movic in flight F, Deb Fair in the G flight, Michele Means in flight H and Carole Chiccarino in the I flight.

Our end-of-year outing is all set for Tanglewood Golf Course in Pulaski on Sunday, September 17, with shotgun start scheduled for 11:00 am (coffee and donuts will be available at 10 am).  After golf, we'll stay at Tanglewood for a catered dinner, along with prizes galore!  Should be a fun way to end up the 2017 season.  Hope to see you there!


Ready for a Great Final Round of the 2017 Season Tomorrow

Tomorrow marks the end of the golf league season for the year.  There are some close races to see who will take the second half championship in several of the flights.  In flight D, Diane Wiesen has a 2-point lead on Donna Neff, with Eileen Buchanan just 2½ points out of the top spot.  There is a tight battle at the top of Flight F, with Paula Lawrence holding a ½-point lead over Judy Movic.  We have a tie atop Flight G between Deb Fair and Judy Malatesta, who will battle for the overall title in Week 18.  Michele Means leads Janice Schwanbeck by 2 points for first place in Flight H, and Carole Chiccarino leads Mary Smith by a ½-point margin in the I flight.  It will all come down to who plays best in the final week of the season.

Please be sure to let us know if you can attend the End-of-Season Outing at Tanglewood Golf Course in Pulaski on Sunday, September 17 at Tanglewood Golf Course in Pulaski, PA.  Good luck to everyone going into the last week of our league play this year.


Buchanan defeats Stevenson in Sudden-Death Playoff on 2nd Hole

The special event this week was a Sudden-Death Playoff involving everyone in the league who played on Monday night, starting on # 1. On the first hole, there were two players who carded net eagles, so everyone else was out of the playoff.  On hole # 2, Eileen Buchanan made a net 2, but Jim Stevenson made a net 4, so Eileen won the event with that score.  Third and fourth place for the week was determined by a handicap tiebreaker of all players who made a net birdie on # 1, which means that Mike Benic and Michele Means finished in those places.  You can view all results from the August 21st round by using the links at the top and/or right side of this page.

Our End-of-Season Outing will be held on Sunday, September 17 at Tanglewood Golf Course in Pulaski, PA.  Shotgun start will be at 11 am, with coffee and donuts starting at 10 am and dinner to follow the golf.  Please sign the sign-up sheet at the front counter at Tam O'Shanter to let us know if you will be coming to the outing.


Many Balls Hit Trees on a Beautiful Summer Day to Play Golf

The weather was nice all day on August 14, and the course played firm and fast.  Flavio Tiberia won the special event by hitting trees on 6 shots during his round; Bob Means was runner-up with 5 tree points, and Marla Nardo and Mary Smith finished in a tie for third place with 4 tree points.  To see all results from Week # 16 of league action, use the links at the top and/or right side of this page.


Lots of Early Net Bogeys in League Play this Week; Sanko Takes Top Spot in Weekly Event

All but thirteen players who played on Monday night this week made a net bogey on hole number one or number two, and only four players made it to hole number five without making a net bogey – those opening holes were playing tough!  Jerry Sanko was the only player to complete the entire round without making a net bogey or worse, to take first place in this week's special event.  Blase Cindric was runner-up, Dave Cave came in 3rd and Trip McBride finished 4th in the Drop-out with a Bogey game.  With only three weeks remaining in the second half of the season, the flight races are still all up for grabs.


Second Half of Season Reaches Midway Point;  Means Closest to 31 on the 31st of July

There were changes at the top of four of the nine flights after week 14 of league play.  For the week's special event, 3 players had a net score of exactly 31 after the first 7 holes of play for their round; Michele Means won the tie-breaker for the top prize, with Barb Devido finishing second and Bob Means coming in third.  Jude Heutsche won the tie-breaker for 4th place among all of the 11 players who finished with a first-seven-hole score that was one stroke away from 31 in the highly-contested event.  Use the links at the top and/or right side of this page to see all the results for this week.


Twenty-Seven out of Forty-Nine Players Avoid Elimination; Germano Takes First Place in the Challenge

There were 49 league members who played their round on Monday July 24, and 27 of them survived all nine holes without being eliminated from the week's special event.  Of those players, Bob Germano and Jim Wolf had the lowest net total scores for the round, shooting net 33's for the front nine.  Bob finished first via the handicap tiebreaker, and Jim was second.  The father-and-son duo of Jeff and Jerry Sanko came in 3rd and 4th, respectively, both coming in with net scores of 34.  Use the links at the top and/or right side of this page to see all of the results for the July 24 round of league play.


McKnight Takes First Place in 33-24-15 Tourney as Second Half Really Gets Rolling

The top spot in seven of the nine flights changed hands after play on July 17, so the second half in the league is getting exciting!  In this week's fun event, Dave McKnight and Rich Joseph each scored 61 points to lead the field, with Dave taking first place in the tiebreaker.  Patty Kuzniar finished in third place with 62 points, and Barb McKee was fourth with 63 points.  Use the links at the top and/or right-side of this page to see all of the results from Week 12 of the season.


Means Thrashes Captain Bogey to Take Top Spot in Special Event of the Week

The weather was an issue on Monday, but many players turned in golf-out scores later in the week.  In the fun event this week, each player who played on Monday took on Captain Bogey in match play, and Michele Means claimed the top honors in the event by besting Captain Bogey by a whopping 8 up score.  Two players, Pam Mickley and Judy Malatesta, were 7 up on the Captain to finish 2nd and 3rd, and Mary Ann Walsh finished in 4th place by virtue of the handicap tie-breaker.  The second half of the season is off to a good start with tight races in the flights.  To see all the week's results, use the links on this page.


Tiberia Cards Most One-Putts as Second Half Gets Under Way

The first week of play in the second-half of the league got off to a big start with 50 players playing on league night.  With the addition of 9 new members for the second half, we've set up 9 flights of 8 players each.  Keep track of your flight each week by checking the web site under the "Standings" option at the top of the web pages.

Flavio Tiberia won the top prize in this week's Special Event by recording 5 one-putt greens in his nine hole round, becoming the first league member this year to win two Special Events.  Emma Weingartner and Mike George each carded 4 one-putt greens, with Emma taking second place via the handicap tiebreaker; Mike finished third.  Starting this week, we're also awarding a prize for the 4th place finisher in the fun games, and this week Mary Smith won the tiebreaker over all of the players who had 3 one-putts in their Monday rounds.  Use the links on this page to see all results from Week 10 action in the Not Just Bogeys Golf League.


Flights Reset with New Handicaps and New Players for Second Half of Season

We are welcoming 9 new players joining our league for the second half of the season:  Debbie Book, Barb Devido, Gabriela Larkin, Paula Lawrence, Mary Rose Marks, Michele McBurney, Judy Movic, Donna Neff and Charlene Osborne.  Please greet our new members when you see them at the course.

The flights have been adjusted by ranking players by their handicaps after last week's play.  Many people have moved to different flights for the second half.  Check out what flight you are in and what you starting second-half handicap will be by clicking on the "Handicaps for Week 10" link in the upper-right column of this web page.


First Half of Season ends with exciting action in all Flights

The June 26 round of play in the Not Just Bogeys golf league marked the end of the first half of the 2017 season.  The top three finishers in each flight win a prize to be distributed at the end-of-season outing in September.  Congratulations are in order for the winners of each flight:

  • A Flight:  Blase Cindric
  • B Flight:  Flavio Tiberia
  • C Flight:  Rich Arnold
  • D Flight:  Sam Herskovitz
  • E Flight:  Mike George
  • F Flight:  Judy Malatesta
  • G Flight:  Deb Fair
  • H Flight:  Mary Ann Walsh

Click on the "Standings" link at the top of the page and then check out the link for June 26 to see the final standings for the first half.

In Week 9's special event, Rick Williams won the first place prize with a score of 77 points; Flavio Tiberia came in second with 71 points and Mary Smith earned 61 points and won the tie-breaker to finish in third place.

For the second half of the season, we'll take the handicaps that will be in use for week 10 to place players in flights, so you may be in a different flight for July and August than you were in for the first half of the season.  The web site will be updated in the next two days with the new flight structure, so check back this weekend.


Many Fairways Missed This Week; First Half Flight Races Still Up For Grabs

Congratulations to Flavio Tiberia, who missed 6 out of 7 fairways for the round and won the top prize in this week's special fun event – the only time that missing fairways helps you!  By winning the tie-breaker, Tony Curic finished in second place and Bob Means finished third, both missing 5 of 7 fairways for their round.

With only one more week left in the first half of the 2017 season, the races for the top three spots in each flight are still highly contested.  Be sure to view all the results of this week's play on the web site.


Benic Wins Best Poker Hand Event with Five of a Kind

In the Special Event this week, Mike Benic carded five net 6's to post the best poker hand of everyone who played their league round on Monday.  Three players made five net 5's in their June 12th round, so the handicap tie-breaker was used to determine the second and third place finishers.  Virginia Peterson took the runner-up spot, and Carol Guerrera finished third.  The lead changed hands in three of the eight flights this week, and with only two more weeks left in the first half, the action is sure to be exciting for the remainder of this month.  To see the poker hands made from all players' net scores, and all other results of week 7 of league play, use the links at the top or at the right side of this page.

The Mid-Season Outing / Field Day for our league will be Sunday, July 9 at Tam O'Shanter.  We will be playing an 18-hole Scramble with a 1:00 pm shotgun start, followed by a picnic dinner after the conclusion of the golf (featuring Barb Carbone's FAMOUS home-made ice cream!).  There will be a sign-up sheet at the front counter at Tam O'Shanter near the register for the next couple of league nights — please sign the sheet and indicate whether you will be coming for both golf and dinner, for dinner only, or if you won't be able to attend the outing this year.  Guests are welcome for $20, and you can sign their names to the sign-up sheet as well.  Should be a lot of fun, so make plans to be there!


Means Wins Special Event by Carding the Most 6's and 5's on 6/5

The unusual shotgun start we had for the June 5 round of league play was a little chaotic, but everything worked out ok in the end.  The course was playing tough with tournament pins and firm greens, but several players turned in fine rounds for the week.  Bob Means won the special event of the night, having the most gross and net 6's and 5's on his scorecard, with a total of thirteen such scores.  Jess Jackal was runner-up with ten 6's and 5's, edging Barb Carbone on the handicap tiebreaker.  All of the results from Week 6 of the season can be viewed by using the links at the top or right-hand side of this page.

We're starting to plan for the Mid-Season Outing/Field Day, which is scheduled for Sunday, July 9 at Tam O'Shanter.  We'll have more news to share via e-mail or on the web site as the outing draws closer.  Try to plan your schedule to come to the outing for good food, good golf (hopefully!), and lots of fun.


Walsh Partners With Old Man Par to Take Top Spot in Special Event of the Week

We have reached the halfway point in the first half of the 2017 season, and the largest lead anyone has in seven out of the eight flights is 3 points, so things will be exciting in the next four weeks of league play.  Mary Ann Walsh teamed up with Old Man Par to shoot a net better-ball score of 31 to win the week's fun event; Sam Herskovitz and Jim Wolf both had a net team score of 32, with Sam taking 2nd place honors in the handicap tie-breaker.  Sam and Jim are now in the lead for most fun game winnings so far this season.  To see the latest results from the league, use the links at the top and/or right side of this page.

For our next league round, scheduled for Monday, June 5, we will have a special shot-gun start at 5:15 pm for our league play on the back-nine, because Tam O'Shanter is closed until 5 pm for a large golf outing that day.  The shotgun start should be fun – try to attend!  But if you can't play at that time on 6/5, you can always turn in a golf-out score for the week before Sunday, June 11.


Flight Races Heating Up; Buchanan Wins Special Event of the Week

After four weeks of league play in 2017, each flight is very competitive at the top.  In six of the eight flights, the leader has less than a 2 point lead over the player in second-place, and there is a tie at the top of flight F.  There were lead changes in five of the flights this week.

Eileen Buchanan won the special event for the May 22 round, with a score of 23 after throwing out her two worst net holes.  Eileen won a handicap tiebreaker with Maureen DiFeo, who also had a score of 23 for the event.  Ted Koppel finished third with a score of 24.  All of the results from the fourth week of the season can be viewed by using the links at the top or right-hand side of this page.


Finally some nice weather!  Wolf wins Fewest Putts Event

We had a nice weather day for this week's play, and there were lots of league members playing their Week 3 rounds on May 15.  In the special event of the week, Jim Wolf proved to be the boss of the moss, needing only 13 putts to complete his round in winning the first-place prize.  Sam Herskovitz finished as runner-up this week with 14 putts, and Deb Fair won the handicap tie-breaker for third place among the seven players who used 15 putts for the round.

Four different men and three different women won Skins Game prizes in Week 3.  For just $2 for the Gross Skins Game and $2 for the Net Skins Game, you can compete to win cash each week in the league.  The Gross Skins Game uses your actual scores for each hole, while the Net Skins Game uses your adjusted scores on every hole after strokes are deducted using your handicap.  Players in all flights can win a prize in the Net Game, because a bogey on a hole where you get two strokes becomes a net birdie, which beats a par made by someone who doesn't get any strokes on that hole!  You can view the gross scores and skins, net skins, special event results and Eagle's Club information for each week of league play by using the links at the top and/or right-side of the league home page.


Morar is Most Accurate Driver on May 8, wins first Special Event of the Season

The standings in all eight flights are close after the first two weeks of league play.  In this league, it really hurts you if you miss a week of league play without turning in a golf-out score, so be sure to golf out during those weeks that you can't make it on Monday night.  You can also bank golf-out scores in advance if you know that you'll have to miss on a particular league night.

The special fun event for the week was most tee shots in the fairway, and there were 5 league members who hit 6 fairways out of the 7 possible for the round.  Ann Morar took first place honors by virtue of the tie-breaker, which is higher handicap beats lower handicap in any tie situation.  Runner-up was Tony Curic, and third place went to Diane Wiesen, both with 6 drives in the fairway.  There were 5 league members who played on Monday but didn't turn in a special event scorecard — be sure to read the league message board before your round to see if you need to turn in a special event scorecard in addition to your regular card each week.  Use the links at the top or right-hand side of the page to see all the results from Week # 2 of league play.

There were some interesting results in the Gross and Net Skins Games for Week # 2.  Use the links at the top of the page to see who won cash in the Skins Game.  You should play the Skins Games this coming week — you could be a winner!

The results that are posted for the first two weeks of the season may change, because there are 15 league members who have not yet paid their yearly dues to join the league, so their scores aren't included in the match results in the flights.  When those players pay their dues, their scores for the first two weeks will be counted, and so you may win or lose a match or two to make your points different than they appear in the current listing.  Players who have not yet paid their dues are ineligible to compete in special events until the dues are paid.  Also, you must play on the regular league day to compete in a special event or a skins game for that week.


Week 1 Results Now Posted

Two players played on league night this past week, and another 16 players turned in golf-out scores from the play during the first week of May; the rest of the league members used their front-nine practice round scores as a Week 1 golf-out.  The results of league match play can be viewed by clicking the "Standings" link at the top of this web page.  It was decided to not have a Special Event for the week since the Tam O'Shanter staff told people who called on Monday afternoon that the course was closed.  We'll have a Fewest Putts special event in a week or two.

Handicaps will be adjusted each week of the season, so click on the "Handicaps for Week 2" link in the right-hand column to see how your handicap may have changed since last week.  You will stay in the same flight for the entire first half of the season, but your handicap will go up or down based on how you play week to week.


Rain / Storms Early on Monday Cause Problems for Start of Season...

The big wind and rain storm that hit the Hermitage area on Monday mid-afternoon caused some damage at Tam O'Shanter with numerous trees coming down.  Two league members did play later in the afternoon (and the weather was kind of nice...), but other players called the course and were told that it was closed.  In situations like this league members can turn in a golf-out by Sunday of this week to count for this week's round.

Everyone who played a practice round has those scores in the golf-out bank for use in league play, so if you can't play a golf-out round later this week, your front-nine score from the bank will be used for Week 1.  To see what your golf-out scores are, click the "Golf-outs in the bank" link at the top of the right-hand column on this web page.  We won't count the play for the Special Event since only two players played on Monday, so we'll have Fewest Putts as the Special Event on May 15.


Ready for the Start of the 2017 Season this Monday....

The 2017 Jess's / Not Just Bogeys Golf League season gets underway this Monday, May 1.  Check the "Handicaps for Week 1" link in the right-hand column of this page to see what your starting handicap will be.  There are about six or seven new members who did not play a practice round, so the flights shown on the Handicaps page are unofficial until those players turn in a week 1 score.  All players will be placed in a flight with players of comparable handicaps, so you might move up or down one flight after all players have a starting handicap.   We will adjust handicaps each week based on the previous week's score, but you will stay in the same flight for the entire first half of the season.

The weather forecast looks to be somewhat rainy for Monday, but you can always golf-out later in the week if you choose not to play on a league night when the weather is not to your liking.  Good luck to one and all, and let's get off to a great start this year!


Second Practice Round Scheduled for April 24

The forecast is for temperatures in the 70s, so hopefully the nice weather will allow many league members will tee it up this week at Tam O'Shanter.  Please turn in your scorecard so we can calculate handicaps for the start of the season.  If you know of anyone who's thinking of joining the league this year, please encourage them to play tonight so they will have a handicap for the first weeks of league play.

If you've paid your league dues already, thank you! Don't forget that league dues must be paid by May 8 or no scores will be posted until payment is made.


First Practice Round is Tomorrow!

We will have two practice rounds for the golf league before actual competition starts this year. This gives everyone a chance to turn in some scores to establish a start-of-season handicap, and to get back into the swing of things.  If you play practice rounds, your handicap for the start of the season will be determined half from your handicap at the end of last year, and half from the practice rounds you play.  Our first practice round is coming up tomorrow — Monday, April 17.  Plan to play, turn in your scorecard, and reconnect with your friends in the golf league.

If you are new to the league this year, please plan to play and establish some scores for your handicap at the start of the year.  If you can't play on Mondays the next two weeks, please golf out, and make sure you have a front-nine and a back-nine score if possible.  See you at the course!


We're Having a Season-Opening Mixer / Hot Dog Night at Jess's on April 6!

So that everyone has a chance to meet the new members of the league and ask questions about the rules for the new season and how the combined league will work this year, we're going to have a Get-Acquainted Mixer event at Jess's Restaurant on East State Street in Hermitage on Thursday, April 6 at 6:00 pm.  The League will pay for the food:  Hot Dogs, Baked Beans, Mac 'n Cheese and more; there will be a cash bar for the event.  Please RSVP for this fun night so we can plan in advance how many people will be coming to the mixer.  Plan to attend and meet the members of the other league that is merging with yours!  Also, the league officers and scorekeepers will be there so you can ask any questions about how the scoring for league play and the new weekly fun games will work.

Everyone should check out the League Rules and Information page of the web site and also the Example Match Play Scoring page to see the rules and scoring system that will be used for the league this year, so you can bring any questions you might have to the mixer.  Should be the start of a great season of league play!


Welcome to our New League and our Web Site!

We're excited to have our leagues joining together for the 2017 season!  Jess's Monday night league at Tam O'Shanter is joining with the Not Just Bogeys Tuesday night league to bring the best of both leagues together for a fun golf season.  We'll be playing on Monday nights at Tam O'Shanter this season, and the league is open to men and women golfers of all levels of ability. We play individual matches within flights, with separate weekly gross and net skins games for men and women and a different fun event each week in addition to league match play.  Our tee times will be 4:00 to 6:00 pm each Monday.  Click on THIS LINK for details on league rules, dues and activities.