Cunningham Family -- 1960

This photo was taken in the Summer of 1960 at Ike and Kathleen's home at the American Legion Country Club in Mount Union.  Brandon (Ike) Cunningham took the picture.
•   Standing on steps in extreme back right:  Blase Cindric, Phyllis Cindric.

•   Standing at ground level (l. to r.):  William Harley, Ruth Harley, Arthur Cunningham, ??????, Joann Remek, John Remek, Kay Rosenberry, Bill Rosenberry, Kathleen Cunningham, Merrill Cunningham, Verna Cunningham, Ray Greenisen, Bernice Greenisen, Ernest Cunningham, Evalyn Cunningham.

•   Kneeling/sitting (l. to r.):  ???, Norma (Cunningham) ???, ???, Bill Rosenberry (w/ arm in sling), Ernest Greenisen, Billy Greenisen, Taffy (the Cindric's dog), Kay Rosenberry (now Kay Coffman) holding Jimmy Greenisen.
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